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Solar-Powered Learning Labs

A Solar Learning Lab is a Solar-Powered Computer Lab, built in a shipping container to allow ICT access in even the remotest locations. We have designed the program to build our local partners ability to coach students in the 21st-century skills which will be most useful to them and their local communities. We achieve this by bringing expert, in-country trainers to the labs. We started this project in partnership with Dell Technologies in 2011. We built our first centre in Lagos, Nigeria and then decided to build locally in South Africa from 2013. Since then we expanded the programme by installing 12 new Dell Learning Labs in South Africa, 2 in Kenya, 1 in Morocco, 1 in Colombia and 1 in Mexico; this brings our total to 18 labs. But we don't want to stop there, we have seen the impact this model can have in previous projects, it’s uniquely designed to bringing about change in difficult environments. The installation of the classroom provides access to technology for the first time, but beyond that, the installation of a solar learning lab is a message of inclusion and a force of change for a community or a school that needs transformation.


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What we've done before

This video shows our previous project at Tiempo De Juego in partnership with Dell, when we launched a Solar Learning Lab in Cazucá near the outskirts of Bogotá in the Summer of 2016. The aim of this program was to build local institutional capacity to ignite aspiration-led learning for marginalised youth of Cazuca who came to the area to escape the violence caused by the armed conflict between illegally armed groups and the national army.

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We've documented the progress made on each project on our blog, and you can also read previous case studies on similar projects we've achieved before

First Lab has been funded!

First Lab has been funded!

Dell have fully funded the first Solar Learning Lab in South AfricaWe are currently making headway with this project, starting with the school selection process. We're visiting schools in the

We believe in a world where everyone has equal access to technology.

Technology can raise attendance

In previous projects we have seen increases attendance and less students and teachers leaving their schools

Technology improves job prospects

In a competitive job market, having digital and tech skills can help you stand out from the crowd

Technology can lead to higher education

From being able to apply for courses online to assisting with research and studies, higher education is more accessible

Technology makes learning engaging

9 out of 10 pupils have said they find learning more interesting with access to technology